Release History

Version Date Description
2.0 2005-07-29
1.1 n/a
1.0 Feb 24, 2004

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Release 2.0 - 2005-07-29

Type Changes By
update Move to Hibernate 3! Thanks to ciaran . epugh

Release 1.1 - n/a

Type Changes By
fix 1. If the driver thinks a column is a Timestamp and the application (or Hibernate) wants a date, a SQLException is thrown instead of converting the Timestamp object to a Date object.

2. With the MS driver, getBytes() is appropriate (at least for LONGVARBINARY) and getBlob is not.

3. Blob.getBytes(int index, int length) should never be called with an index of zero, it's one-based.
add Fix getDate() when you have a java.sql.Timestamp rgunasekara

Release 1.0 - Feb 24, 2004

Type Changes By
add Initial import into SourceForge epugh